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Developmental Care Oriented

Has a developmental care committee in the NICU
Has parent-led components of medical or developmental rounds
Has lactation consultants available to mothers in the NICU
Has active policies to reduce noxious stimuli to the infant
Routinely screens for depression, anxiety, stress in parents
Has active initiatives to increase positive sensory exposures (touch, language)
Focuses on families as the center of care and actively encourages parent participation at the NICU bedside.

NICU information

Is the NICU part of a children's hospital
NICU Level (the highest level of NICU care provided at this hospital)
Total number of NICU beds (for Level II, III or IV care)
Other therapeutic services provided in the NICU (i.e. psychology music therapy, child life, etc)
Is the NICU associated with a birthing hospital

Staffing Information

Is there is a Dedicated Therapy Team in the NICU?
# Of Therapy FTEs in the NICU
Total # of NICU Therapists (including full-time, part-time, and PRN)
# of Certified Neonatal Therapists
Other Certifications NICU Therapists Hold
Therapy Disciplines in the NICU
Who NICU Therapists Report to (adult rehab, peds rehab, NICU, or other)
# of Days of Therapy Coverage in the NICU
% of Patients Receiving Therapy in the NICU
For Preterm Infants, Average PMA of First Therapy Visit
Requirements to Work in the NICU
Do NICU Therapists Work in Other Areas of Hospital?
How NICU Referrals are Received (automatic orders, case-by-case referrals, etc.)
Special Skills or Training of the NICU Therapy Team
Are There COTAs, PTAs, or SLPAs in the NICU?
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